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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

The Beginning of Taclete

Kevin Smith started Taclete Performance in 2021 as sports and nutrition were always part of his life. Since entering University back in 2012 to graduate with a degree in Kinesiology, later obtaining his Csep-Cpt and high-performance athlete specialist, and more recently certifying as a Nutrition Coach. Kevin has been a volunteer firefighter since 2013, a career firefighter since 2020, where he has learned the value of tactical fitness and how crucial it is based off job responsibilities. Equally as important, Kevin has learned the importance of proper nutrition and training and how it can effect your wellbeing on and off the job.

Inspired by my father who has been a volunteer firefighter since early 2000s and seeing his commitment to the community and family, is what got me to join the volunteer department and eventually change career paths to become a career firefighter. “I have understood the toll it can take both mentally, physically, and on your social/family life.”

My own struggles with the profession include a lack of sleep, long hours, missing social events, poor nutrition and training, which all had led to a decrease in quality of life. It was important to educate myself on techniques and develop discipline to get myself out of those ruts.

There were plenty of random days where I was emotional for no reason, would binge eat, or days where it would affect my relationships with people in my life. I saw how this affected myself, so I wanted to find ways to help educate others long term even if it was just a small fraction. Just enough to make a difference.

The most reliable step that has helped me on most of these days has been from eating healthy and training consistently. Even something just as simple as moving and stretching briefly during the day, I saw a huge increase in health and wellbeing. Some days it's hard, but the biggest thing you can do is just show up.

The goal with Taclete Performance is to create quality supplements formulated for first responders in their unique careers, and to educate them on healthy habits, training, and nutrition to slowly build control over their lives, help prevent daily struggles, and to regain a sense of self.

Commit to every day like it's your last.

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